Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens Williamsburg the charming amusement park located at the eastern side of the state of Virginia, USA, is often regarded as one of the best worldwide by theme park enthusiasts. With an impressive landscape, lovely designed European themed areas and high quality shows the park has a lot to offer though one of the main reasons for its high ratings surely are the rides. Attractions like Alpengeist, Escape from Pompeii, Griffon or The Curse of DarKastle are top-notch and continuously included in favorite lists of many fans. Therefore expectations were high when Busch Gardens Williamsburg announced a new multi launch coaster on the location of the former Big Bad Wolf suspended roller coaster. At home in the German area of the park since May 18th 2012 visitors are invited to take part in a wild car trip... » read review



Lets begin with our expedition to the Himalayas! Fortunately we didnt have to travel that far to test the new masterpiece from Bolliger & Mabillard. On the search for the legendary kingdom of Shambhala the new Hypercoaster at PortAventura (Salou, Spain) tackles dizzy heights and steep drops.

The Tibetan themed area is located directly adjacent to the Chinese area where since 1995 Dragon Khan, another coaster from B&M, roars around its course. The freshly repainted bright red colored track together with dark blue supports forms a massive eye catcher. It serves as a good foreground for Shambhala which with its bright white and turquoise track and grey supports draws fine and elegant lines into the clear blue sky. ... » read review

The Swarm

Thorpe Park

London, March 2012: Dark clouds begin to form over the city. All news stations report about mysterious deaths of people all over the city who seemed to be thrown randomly around the air. The situation and mood of the citizens is tense. Suddenly there is a buzzing noise in the distance, getting closer and closer. Sirens are screaming, machine gun shots can be heard anywhere and from one moment to the other several cars, choppers and innocent pedestrians are twirling through the air, covered by a swarm of black creatures which fly like shadows through the city. Everyone is on his own now and running for his life, accompanied by the screams, sirens, explosions and the ever ongoing buzzing of the creatures from behind. A plane is caught by the shadow-like cloud and crashes right on an old church... » read review


Universal Studios Florida

A quiet beach on the coast of New England. A gentle breeze blows over the calm ocean on this warm summer night and the full moon shines bright on the water's surface. We keep drifting in the water, relaxing and enjoying this perfect holiday. Nearby small waves start to form quietly out of nowhere. Nearly silent and unnoticed a gray fin rises out of the water and approaches us quickly. Suddenly and without warning a massive beast jumps out of the water directly in front of us, his mouth wide open with his long sharp teeth ready to bite...

This scene could be part of one particular film: "Jaws", the 1975 classic in film history from world famous director Steven Spielberg and with the unforgettable score from John Williams... » read review

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